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Duende #1: Social Isolation


52 pages packed with contemporary art.
23 artists and interviews representing the impact of global social isolation on the creative industry.

A portable Art Gallery of 2020.

The launch of this contemporary art zine coincided with one of the strangest years in our generations’ lifetime.

We experienced social isolation as a GLOBAL community. It’s something that, through sadness and grief, has actually connected the world. No matter where you live or who you are, you’ll have been affected somehow. You are not alone.

Art, interviews and a vivid reflection of how the creative industry have responded to a global pandemic.

The amazing line up of contemporary artists who responded to the crisis:

Gary Duehr

Stacey Gledhill

Gwen Datyner

Meridith McNeal

Shih Yun Yeo

Robbii Wessen

Heidi Vance

Lara Buffard

Madeleine Matsson


Jason Balducci

Matheus Silva

Kristina Kirilini

Jenny Peet

Larry Wolf

Meraki Vagary

Jose Meza

Pawel Pacholec

Guilherme Bergamini

Jak Hansford


Mikaela Mia Papp

Hannah Buchanan